I recently lead a staff devotion time at my church and talked about the three words I think all of us, as Christians, tend to ignore in our relationships. This is especially true for those of us who lead paid staff and volunteers. I hope this short little post is helpful to you. I could go into this in detail but will save it for a upcoming book. 🙂

In short~

Leaders that love their people:

1. Confess – they freely admit their faults and missteps giving permission to others to own their own mistakes. They build cultures of sin rebound instead of sin concealment because confession to one another brings healing. See James 5:16

2. Honor – they heap praise on others not worrying about losing power or the negative motivators of worry and stress. Overly critical leaders (or silent ones) might raise excellence but they decimate morale. For the loving leader, competition isn’t based on outdoing one another’s ideas or talents but, instead, on honoring who they are as a member of the body/team. See Romans 12:10

3. Rest – they exhibit an ability to rightly prioritize the rhythm of work/rest and find their deepest rest in Christ. Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath. He gives us rest from the endless and futile striving that is living up to the Law. We can rest in being set free so that our work comes out of enthusiastic gratitude and interruptions of our weekends or delays of our vacations are seen as gospel work. In Jesus we find our gospel rest. See Mark 2:27-28

What did I miss? Would love to hear your comments!


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