Here are the things kids and students need from their church (in order of importance:)

1. An emphasis on discipling parents to know how to disciple their kids.**
2. Paid staff and volunteers emphasizing one-on-one time with students over group activities.
3. Stop using bible stories as moral lessons for behavior modification.
4. Elevation of the quiet, awkward, and outcast.
5. Less mountain-top experiences (camps, conferences) and more living room experiences.
6. Honest Q&A that allows for doubt and dissent.
7. Student initiated service projects, not adult coerced or commanded.
8. Identify, equip, and encourage young bible teachers. Allow them to teach adults.
9. Emphasize teaching on Pride vs. Humility.
99. Shiny new facilities and tech.
100. Dodgeball

**If just #1 happened, churches and families would explode in spiritual growth and health.

After I posted this list on Facebook, my friend John added, “0. The Gospel.” I purposely left it off because it’s so ridiculous that you have to put the gospel on such a list (but I agree it’s item zero.) Also I left it off to see who would gospel juke me. John wins!


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