Here are some clips from keynotes or sermons I delivered. When speaking at retreats or conferences, the most common subjects I cover are growing up, parenting, relationships, discipleship, confession, men’s issues, and leadership.

Here’s a clip from a sermon I preached on love. Love is all-transforming when we love God with all our heart. But our sinful hearts have other ideas…including refusing an organ donation from a sports rival.

Thanksgiving from the flesh is based on comparison; you’re basically saying that a person in a worse situation has little to nothing to be thankful for. Thanksgiving from the Spirit gives thanks not by comparing possessions or circumstance, but is thankful for who God is and what He has done.

This is a book trailer with audio from a sermon that came out of my upcoming book, House of Grace, on the realization that parenting is big sinners raising little sinners.

Here’s a book trailer for a book I wrote with my wife Hayley entitled Die Young: Burying Your Self in Christ. Not really a sermon, but it’s got funky music, so…