Prophets, Priests, and Kings.

If you’re called to leadership, you’re naturally tuned to one or more of these roles. But your gifting can turn toward serving self instead of God even in a public position of ministry.

God delivers revival to His church through the UPS drivers that are the prophets. If you’re a prophet, what you speak must be grounded in wisdom, the Word, and recognition that every person is an image bearer of Christ or else you will rail against what offends you instead of what offends God; man’s sinful heart. After pointing out sin, you must always point to the cross. If you don’t, you’re merely a pundit, prognosticator, or instructor of useless drivel of no eternal consequence.

If you’re a priest, your people skills of ministering to and loving others must be rooted in being the heart of God in people’s lives, and not loving only those who love you back. Loving the unlovable without getting love in return is evidence of fruit in your life. If you’re in leadership and are a people-pleaser, your priesthood may be serving the god of self instead of the God of the Universe. A loving, fruitful, and ministering priest is one that seeks to serve God over his own ego and acceptance. A selfless shepherd.

If you’re a king, all of your best stewardship of numbers, dollars, time, and treasure is either done for your wealth and benefit or for God and His church. If your bean counting and rules/regulations don’t accomplish the task of knowing Him and making Him known, it’s just stewardship for the sake of stuff. An effective and fruitful king manages resources best for God’s glory when he asks, “Does this bring man glory or God glory?”


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